What is BNI Champions all about?

Spend a great morning
with professional people

Our networking group assists local businesses find
and exchange qualified business referrals.

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All the expertise that you need

Meet the team of specialists that meet weekly to help each other increase business.

What's is the BNI Champions philosophy?

Giver's Gain

Success in BNI means being a positive and supportive member of an organisation based on mutual support. This requires a commitment to your fellow members as well as to the philosophy of “Givers Gain®”; by giving business to others, you will get business in return.

We refer to our fellow members as our ‘Sales Team’, and at BNI Champions, we are committed to being present every week, always displaying a professional and supportive attitude, and holding ourselves accountable to the ethics and standards set by BNI.

The BNI policy of allowing only one person from each business industry category means that our group consists of a wide variety of business professionals who you will read about in this information guide.

Every Thursday morning each member has an opportunity to educate their fellow BNI Members in what would be an ideal referral for them. As a result, we have formed long-lasting, loyal business relationships and regularly pass qualified referrals to one another; consistently increasing our business growth and improving our personal and professional development.

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