Why are some business owners are more successful than others? May 12

Why are some business owners are more successful than others?

Networking Tips Simon Bowden

Have you ever wondered why are some business owners seem to be very successful in both business and life skills? Why is it they can negotiate better deals, encourage greater sales, design better marketing strategies, or just live a more fruitful life? This can be particularly frustrating if you believe that you are better qualified or have a better product to sell. Some may just dismiss this success and explain it as luck or result of being in the right place at the right time. Surely you’ve heard someone say to you, beginners luck? I don’t believe in beginners luck. Luck is the result of many hours of hard work. 

Did you know successful business owners are just ordinary people like you and me – who happen to possess highly refined networking skills? If you watch these business owners in action, one thing you’ll notice is they all have a unique ability in achieving success as they strategically team up with similar business owners with the same client base. 

Successful business owners surround themselves with a well developed like-minded support networks they use to get everything from relevant information, finding the right supplier, asking who can put them in touch with a contact they don’t know, to being referred to their ideal client. Let’s face it, networking is essential for business success. In fact, many business owners often say to me that business success is a direct result of who they know in business. 

By networking together with my BNI business contacts over that last 15 years, I have become a more accomplished networker and ultimately successful in my business and personal life! I wish you all the best in your business success.

Simon Bowden

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