Thoughtful engagement Oct 12

Thoughtful engagement

If you want a return on your investment in BNI? Thoughtful engagement is the answer. Engagement is an absolutely critical step in the networking process. It involves a promise and an action. In order to achieve success with your fellow members, you must promise to support one another, and then you must take the action necessary to fulfil that promise. The only way to do that effectively is to connect on a deeper level than you do with most of your business contacts.

There are several ways that you can become more engaged with your fellow members:

  • Have you taken the time to regularly meet with the people in your group on a one-to-one basis? This means setting up times outside the context of any normal meetings and getting to know them on a deeper, professional level.
  • Have you taken the time to educate them regularly on the key elements of your business, so that your products or services will be top of mind in the event they meet someone with a need for what you do?
  • Have you taken the time to become educated on the key elements of your networking partners’ businesses, so that you can do the same for them?
  • Have you visited their offices to get first-hand understanding of their services?
  • If possible, have you used their products or services to get first-hand knowledge of the quality their products or the services they provide?

Networking truly is a “contact sport.” It involves full engagement in order to get solid results. In fact, research has shown that reciprocal engagement in a business relationship results in higher productivity.

According to Psychology Today, people who are “actively engaged” in a business environment are “43% more productive” than those who are not. Furthermore, they say that engagement includes “regular dialogue, quality of working relationships, perceptions of ethos and values… and recognition.” Effective networking is all about building meaningful relationships that include most, if not all of, these characteristics.

Spend some time thinking about new ways you can support your networking partners. This will help you promote engagement with them in the various networking groups to which you belong. You will find it is time most well spent.

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