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Create your unique selling proposition

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One of the biggest mental hurdles business people have, is the idea of word-of-mouth marketing is telling everyone they see, everything they do. And that generating more referrals is simply a matter of talking to more people.

But this is not the case at all. To get your message across effectively, less is more. The trick is to come up with a succinct, memorable unique selling proposition, or USP, that you can use at all of your networking events.

Your USP Unique Selling Proposition is a brief description of the purpose of your business, stated in a compelling way, to get others to understand the value of what you do. A good Unique Selling Proposition USP simply tells people what you do, in a manner that gets them to ask how you do it.

Below is a good example from from Digital Developments

Digital Developments target market is “Property” and over two thirds of their websites are property based and it’s an industry they are familiar with and that’s followed them around their entire career.

I like to let potential clients know… A well designed property website is the ideal way to attract new customers and generate extra revenue. We are helpful, we say YES a-lot, and we love to partner with you to achieve your online goals.

Your Unique Selling Proposition USP should be short sweet and straight to the point. It should tell people the type of client you work with and the benefit you provide.

 So here is how you can create a USP of your own:

01. Focus on 2 or 3 profitable target markets for your business.

02. Identify some challenges facing your target market.

03. Create a snappy one or two sentence USP that will read like: “I help ( target market ) to ( solve problem )”.

Regardless of your situation, developing a strong Unique Selling Proposition ( USP ) that your target market can quickly identify with, will put you in great shape for attracting more referrals than you might think possible.

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