Bring VISITORS and get ”MORE” Apr 6

Bring VISITORS and get ”MORE”

Visitors are the lifeblood of every BNI Chapter and are instrumental to a chapters growth, development and profitability.

One great key reason for “inviting visitors” to a BNI chapter is; “business opportunity”. More People. More Opportunity. More Referrals. More Business. More Profit. More Smiles.

Bringing along a VISITOR to a regular meeting is as good as bringing along a couple of referrals.

Because now, that VISITOR can become a source that can refer to a member or several members within the group.

Strong BNI chapters stay successful by increasing the number of visitors and guests that attend a regular weekly meeting.

01. VISITORS increase the numbers, energy and vibe of the group

02. VISITORS increase membership.

03. VISITORS are a source of referrals

04. VISITORS replace members that move on.

05. VISITORS can make ideal regular substitutes.

06. VISITORS bring opportunity and more business.

Bringing along a VISITOR to a regular meeting, is really one of the best things you can do for each other and the personal development of the group.

In conclusion; if you know a local business owner that is looking for:

– More work.

– That’s looking outsource regular work.

– That could use a member’s services.

– That’s looking for a positive strong supportive networking group.

– Or that’s seeking good advice.

– Or that’s could fill an open category.

Simply invite ‘em along to your next meeting.

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