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BNI Power Groups

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BNI Power Teams are sub-groups or “Contact Sphere Companies” working together in small teams.

These Chapter Power Groups are a preferred method for members,  within a BNI chapter, to increase the size and referral results of their chapter. BNI Power Teams achieve 2 important objectives.

BNI Power Teams achieve 2 important objectives.

01. Identify and recruit those categories and individuals they would like to add to their own team as referral partners.

02. Increase the quality and quantity of referrals within the sub-group and chapter.

BNI Power Team members are best able to determine which categories would best fit their existing mix and the selection criteria to be used for selecting and recruiting candidates.

By working with a small group, more brainpower and determination can be focused on the task of recruiting the best individuals to round out their referral team.

Because BNI Power Teams operate within the same general industry, they are able to communicate easily with others in the same industry.

BNI Power Teams recognise that it’s easier to generate good referrals among members within a sub-group of complementary businesses.

Working within a Power Team structure will not prevent the exchange of referrals from one power-team to other.

Rather, it will increase opportunities for better referral relationships within the BNI chapter as a whole.

In conclusion:

BNI Power Teams allows members, within each of the chapters, to determine, and better control their type of referred business and contacts plus increase the amount of business that is being based throughout the chapter.

Why not get together, for a few moments, in your preferred Power Group and noodle out who would be perfect to invite along to a weekly meeting.

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