Becoming a successful BNI networker is easy with C.A.T.S Apr 20

Becoming a successful BNI networker is easy with C.A.T.S

Like any successful organisation BNI has a “Chapter Accountability Tracking System” to record member and chapter performance which is best know to members as – C.A.T.S

This tracking system is points based, and helps members monitor and improve performance to achieve greater networking success.

If you ask any successful Trainer, Business Owner, Personal or Business Coach they will all tell you – in order to succeed and achieve results you will need to track and measure your performance. And the BNI C.A.T.S will help with that.

What is C.A.T.S?

C.A.T.S is BNI’s sophisticated measure of performance that gives different weightings to the activities that lead to closed business.

C.A.T.S measures the number of internal referrals, external referrals, dollar value of all referrals, visitors brought and attendance at meetings that are submitted by members and the Vice President each week. From which a report can be generated and circulated for everybody in the chapter to assess.

And this is how C.A.T.S is calculated:

  • Bringing a External Referral is worth ( 2 points )
  • Bringing a Visitor is worth ( 2 points )
  • Bringing a Internal Referral is worth ( 1 point )
  • Doing a 1-2-1 with a BNi member is worth ( 1 point )
  • A $1000 dollars worth of closed business is ( 1 point )
  • Being absent from the chapter without a substitute is -2 points

Without the BNI “Chapter Accountability Tracking System” to illuminate your personal and chapter performance it’s difficult to assess how you are tracking and identify the value of BNI.

Like a good athlete monitor your performance and self yourself a personal goal to achieve say 8-10 points per month.

4 easy things you can to do to improve your C.A.T.S Performance

01. Bring along visitors.

02. Get together as often as you can with members  to gain a better understand what each another does and develop strong relationships of trust.

03. Bring along referrals.

04. Don’t be absent without a substitute.

In conclusion: Givers always Gain.

Every good chapter has this thing in common; Accountability. When BNI members are accountable it shows. And when it shows – that’s when the money flows.

BNI Champions 2020 • Designed and Developed by David Rowlands.