Be Specific. Be Terrific! Apr 28

Be Specific. Be Terrific!

One thing that seems to stand out with BNI members and their ‘Sales Manager Minute Presentation’, is that most members ask for referrals in the broad method. They want to be as general as possible so to not miss any potential referrals.

Now there is nothing terribly wrong with this method except when you ask members about their referrals, they don’t seem to be extremely happy with the amount they receive. The reason is being too general in what they ask for.

Now here are 2 different examples, one being a broad approach and the second being a specific approach;

01. A photographer stands up during their 60 Second Moment and states “a good referral for me is anyone that needs their picture took.”

02. The same photographer stands up and states “a good referral for me is someone you know that has just gotten engaged or found out they are pregnant.”

Now which one makes you think?

The second one does! When the first one is done it does not make you think of anything in general. When the second one is done, you are going through you mind and trying to think of someone that might fit the description.

So now all we need is a photographer in BNI Berwick to refer to all engaged pregnant women!!

Another, more effective, way is by asking for a personal introduction to someone specific. A good example would be a computer person who stands and states “I would like a personal introduction to John Doe at ABC Company.”

Now there are times when no one in your group will know this person, but maybe they know someone else in that same company. Or maybe they know someone in a competitive company that does the same thing. You never know who someone knows until you ask for someone specific.

Many times BNI hears stories of members who have been told to be specific about what they want and who they want to meet, and when the referral time came around, someone said they are friends with that person, or went to school with them, or something just like that. And this is from people that they might have known for some time but the name had never come up in conversation, previously.

Being “Broad” you really don’t make anyone think. By being a “Specific” you will at least get people thinking about what you want.

Who knows, you might just get what you ask for.


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