Be a Giver. Aug 5

Be a Giver.

BNI Education David Rowlands

If you want to thrive and succeed within the BNI System you will need to adopt an attitude of contribution, and become a GIVER.

Giver’s Gain is BNI’s revolutionary approach to success in business as it encourages reciprocal behaviour. When someone behaves generously and “GIVES”, it inspires observers and recipients to behave generously later. If we adopt a GIVING approach, we will all achieve the results and outcomes we want – and more.

Here are some good behaviour guidelines on GIVING:

• BNI GIVERS commit, turn up to weekly meetings on time and get involved.

• BNI GIVERS make time with others and listen when they speak.

• BNI GIVERS are thoughtful and help their fellow members find the outcomes they are looking for.

• BNI GIVERS always find and introduce members to opportunity.

Where you focus your attention, will determine your destination, so focus on GIVING. Because if you do, GIVING will improve your situation and the situation of others, GIVING is contagious and quickly spreads from one person to another person.

In conclusion

If you want to thrive and do well in the BNI System – become a GIVER. Because what goes around will always come around and that way everyone achieve the desired outcome.


David Rowlands

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